Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE)

How can you get BBBEE Points when joining SA Cares for Life ?

  • SA Cares for Life operates as a Section 21 Company (Reg. No. 98 23218.08) with 5 Directors and 7 members. We are registered with the Department of Social Development as a non-profit organization (06-880 NPO) and has a Section 18A approval with reference number : PBO18/11/13/4743.
  • SA Cares for Life is an organization that manages projects and programmes with excellence and pride itself in a reputable track record. We have been providing services since 1993 and celebrate 23 years of success and blessing.
  • We welcome the opportunity for you to partner with us as we strive to uplift South Africa together.
  1. BBBEE Opportunities
  2. BEE Element : Socio-Economic Development
  3. BEE Element : Enterprise Development

Socio-Economic Development

One of the simplest and effective ways of earning BBBEE points is to increase the level of spending on Socio-Economic Development (SED). SED is one of the seven elements of a BEE scorecard focusing on the extent to which an organization carries out initiatives intended to uplift the South African society. It is worth 25 points for a Qualifying Small Enterprise and 5 points for a Generic company.

Therefore, without a shade of doubt, companies stand to gain immensely by channelling significant investment levels towards SED initiatives not only by earning valuable BEE points, but also from a marketing perspective. Investing in SED builds a superb image and an explosive reputation for an organization.

SA Cares for Life has a wide range of social development projects which uplifts South African society and empowers previously disadvantaged persons. You, as a company can choose a specific project and become part of a project according to your own time, resources and availability. 


  • Cluster Care upliftment Community Project
  • Baby Nurseries
  • Rural Early Learning Centres (Creche)
  • Foster Care Project

Enterprise Development

SA Cares for Life believes in empowering individuals to be able to take care of themselves. We see our clients as partners, not as dependants and we aim to play a establishing role in their independence. We have seen the value of self-worth and success and how this contributes to a healthy individual who can live his/her life with pride.

Another way to earn BBBEE points is to allocate resources to enterprise development and contribute to the development of small black businesses. It is worth 25 points for a Qualifying Small Enterprise and 15 points for a Generic company.

SA Cares for Life has specific projects aimed at increasing business opportunities and consultation services to newly established black businesses. These range from skills development & training to start up capital/assistance to empower people to create and maintain their own businesses.


  • Dynamic Change Project in rural communities
  • Individual small business Development through Business Consulting
  • Lesedi Skills Training

Companies will receive, for all donations made, an Art. 18(a) certificate for tax benefits and a BBBEE Status report of SA Cares for Life. Companies will also receive a yearly feedback report as well as the annual report of SA Cares for Life.

Previous Projects have been approved by auditors as in line with BBBEE Elements & Scoring.

SA Cares has 23 years of experience and offers you the opportunity to identify yourself with a reputable organization.  We recognize and appreciate the active involvement of a company in uplifting the society and welcome partnership in changing the lives of previously disadvantaged people in rural communities and especially Orphan & Vulnerable Children in South Africa. We are proud of our projects and know that with your partnership we will continue to make a meaningful difference in our country.

If you are interested in becoming a partner to SA Cares for Life, and receiving more information on possibilities of projects for partnerships:

Please Contact :

Sanet Fagan

Managing Director

E-mail :

“Not to us but to God be the Glory”

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