QuotesYou are a gift from above. You have given me new hope and now I feel like living again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.Quotes
Cluster Care Family (Single mom)

QuotesThe kids really appreciate our care and they are so thankful. They appreciate it that someone cares for them. They call us Magogo's (grandmothers) and says that we are like family.Quotes
Idah Setshedi (Care Worker)

QuotesI am proud to be a part of the work that SA Cares is doingQuotes
Corporate Partner

QuotesSA Cares for Life is an organisation with which Timios Homes have a long standing working agreement. While Timios Homes focus primarily on foster care and SA Cares for Life on community work with orphaned and vulnerable families, both organisations place the importance of the safety of children first. After working closely with SA Cares for Life for over a period of 10 years, Timios Homes can truly say that the heartbeat of SA Cares for Life is purely the restoration of families in SA. We have seen how SA Cares for Life went from strength to strength over the last decade and many children and adults lives were touched in a significant way. We gladly recommend SA Cares for Life to any other organisation for partnership and networking relationships.Quotes
Timios Homes - Tania Combrink

QuotesSA Cares for Life has been our partner in development co-operation work since 2002. We have been supporting SA Cares for Life in their work to develop and duplicate sustainable models for community based care for orphans and vulnerable children. Since the very beginning of our partnership we were impressed by SA Cares for Life being so competent, persistent and open to learn and discuss new concepts and ideas. Our partnership is founded in our common goal to always work for the child?s best interest. It is built on mutual trust and respect and an open sharing of information, achievements and challenges. Personal contacts and discussions between our organizations have always been stimulating, enriching and engaging. We are proud to be their partnerQuotes
AdoptionCentrum-Sweden, Director

QuotesI am passionate about SA Cares for Life and their purpose in changing the destiny of children in South Africa! I look forward to going every year and fall more in love with the people. I am so blessed and grateful to be a part of this incredible ministry!Quotes
Rose - USA


“Not to us but to God be the Glory”

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