Family Care Clusters are founded to care for orphans, HIV/AIDS affected and/or vulnerable children in rural communities. This community programme’s focus is to identify individual children in need of care living in poverty stricken circumstances and AIDS affected families in the community. Our entrance in the rural areas is to recruit Child Care Workers from the community to reach out to the families in need in the area they live. These workers visit needy families with food parcels. They are our hands, feet, eyes and ears in the community to identify children in crisis. A cluster is a group of up to 30 families who live within walking distance from each other. Two Child Care Workers are designated to these families and each Child Care Worker takes responsibility for 15 families at a time, by visiting them weekly, offering emotional and practical support. 

Each family receives a monthly food parcel that provides one meal per day for a family of four to six. Child Care Workers give monthly reports on the services offered and the development of the families in their cluster. The cluster eliminates discrimination and serves to bring hope to families as it creates awareness on ground level to care for each other and to protect vulnerable children.

We are working in Mabopane, Winterveldt, MMakunayane and Garankuwa in Gauteng, and Carterville & De Doorns in the Western Cape. We currently have 210 families in the Gauteng project, which includes just over 1,600 adults & children. In the Western Cape, we provide services to 130 families, impacting many vulnerable children 

We invite churches, groups or rural communities or leaders to visit this project as we are eager to share this concept and provide training. In this way we hope to take hands with others to impact and change the life circumstances of children all over Africa, giving them hope for tomorrow. 

The specific child sponsorship programme is connected to this model, and you can become involved. You will receive a photo and an individualised report on your sponsor child & his/her family twice a year.

You can choose to sponsor an individual child or as a group sponsor a whole cluster and become part of changing the destiny of our country’s children.

If you are interested please contact Tanya for registration and details about the sponsorship program (012) 3425720


Life houses are houses in rural communities that provide a safety net for children and assit community memebrs to render services to the community. We help individuals who have a passion to care to establish a “Life House” in the community. These “champions” develop their ideas for projects and run them from their own homes. We then acknowledge them and paint their homes red and plant fruit trees in their garden. These houses become known in the community as a safe place to run to. The children also know that if they face danger, they can always go to one of these life houses as the owners are trained to handle crisis situations. The life houses currently have the following themes: After school care for children, dancing group for girls, soccer club for boys, men discussing how to be good role models, men doing handy man work for people who cannot afford it and a project for the elderly.

We are very proud of these 10 x life houses as they take the responsibility to manage it and we only come alongside them to support, encourage and where needed to train! This is true empowerment!


The chicken coups were established as part of the cluster care to empower the families, to make them proud and give them skills and opportunities to care for hungry children in their streets. The families receive a chicken coup and chickens to get them started. They are trained and supervised. From day one the family will have eggs as food for themselves and snacks for school children and they can also sell the eggs to earn some money.

I must say, our chickens have a good life!


“Not to us but to God be the Glory”

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