Providing Comprehensive Care & Protection to orphan or vulnerable children in South Africa 


AT ABBA House we provide specialized short term care for toddlers aged 1-3.  Children stay on average 6 months as our goal is to place them in a ‘forever-family’ as soon as possible. This may be an adoptive family, a foster family, house parents in a long-term care setting or the baby may be reunited with his or her birth-family.

At ABBA House we usually have 6-12 toddlers at a time and over 370 babies have spent at least one night with us in the seven years our doors have been open. . We love each child individually and seek to meet his/her physical, spiritual, emotional and psycho social needs. 

Many of our babies have come from women who have been helped by other projects of SA Cares. Others are abandoned and arrive physically needy and emotionally traumatized. It is however wonderful to see how these children change and become smiling faces in a short time, as a result of the love and care that they receive at the nurseries.

We believe that adoption and family-like care is a key part of the answer to AIDS orphans and the ongoing cycle of poverty.The social workers maintain a high standard of integrity, always prioritize the best interests of the child and seek to include the birth-mother in the future planning of her baby.

ABBA House seeks to provide quality care by involving the community in volunteer work thus improving our adult/child ratio. Many schools, churches and companies help to support us by collecting basic consumables for the toddlers as well as larger donations or gifts in kind.

We open our hearts and our doors to toddlers in need and know that we are changing their destiny through our project.

To protect our children, unfortunately casual visitors are NOT allowed at ABBA House. Should you wish to visit, you can make an appointment with the managers of Abba House or the Directors of SA Cares. 083 310 4442


Individual families become care homes when they take a baby/child into their homes for a short period of time. Place of safety is only done until a permanent placement can be secured.    

This is usually for a period of 6 months.

We have many special care homes, that make a home for babies in need and so change their lives forever.                      




SA Cares for Life believes in investing in the development and education of young children. 

The ELC provides educational stimulation and preparation for formal schooling. In addition, children attending the ELC also receive two nutritious meals per day which greatly improves their physical health. The ELC also provides us with the opportunity to be closely involved in the children’s lives. If a parent has passed away or becomes very ill, we can provide support to the family and especially the child in time of greatest need. Most of the children attending are AIDS orphans or from very poor households, unable to pay for the day care. Thus the day care is free of charge to the community.  

Through our practical experience, we have found that many woman in the community cannot work outside the home because they have no one to assist them in caring for their young children. Another reality is that those single mothers who do work, have to rely on older siblings to care for the younger children and this means that older siblings cannot attend school. Through these realities we became aware of the great effect an ELC can have on empowering woman as well as the education process of children in the community. We have seen the reality and impact of this in the community.

The ELC's will allow disadvantaged children to have access to educational stimulation and prepare them adequately for their formal schooling. For woman in the community, the access to an ELC allows them to find employment and attend work on a regular basis, thus empowering them and improving their lives and the lives of their children.      

We focus on developing the child holistically and preparing them on all levels of development. 

We have three ELC's in total in the following areas : Mabopane, Garankuwa & Mmakuanyane.

Our ELC's make a great difference in the lives of children and ensure that they start their schooling years with the best possible.  

We have great success within our ELC's and receive much positive feedback from Grade 1 teachers, commenting that our children are ahead of the rest in their class when the leave us and start Grade 1.  


“Not to us but to God be the Glory”

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