SA Cares believes that every child should grow up in a family. Where traditional placements are no loner availabel, we build new ones to ensure that children are loved and cared for. We do this through family placements, foster care and adoption. 


SA Cares works closely with biological families to improve their circumstances in order to create a better environment for the children to be returned into their care. We walk along side them and provide parenting training as well as individualized support. For those who have the heart to change and improve, we have the faith and the means to help them change their lives. 


Foster Care is a longer term placement, whereby individual families care for vulnerable children in their own homes. These placements are usually to support the biological parents to complete certain actions in their lives to allow them to care for their own children again.  Foster Care is usually a minimum of 2 years. Foster Care is an amazing way of impacting the life of a child. 

SA cares works together with Timios within our foster care placements. Timios provides a wide range of support services to foster care parents to ensure that they stay strong to be able to care for these children.  

The foster parents in our system are really called to do this work and they sacrifice many times to make a difference in the lives of children with various emotional, cognitive and physical challenges. 

If you would like to become a "care family" in any way, please contact our social worker, Margaret :margaret@sacares.co.za


SA Cares is not currently registsred to finalize adoptions, but we are closely involved in placements and have many networking agencies that walk this road with families. We belive in adoption as a positive answer for children who need family.

“Not to us but to God be the Glory”

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