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SA Cares for Life is an organization built on Christian values that creates models of care for children & families in need. We build walls of protection around children at risk.

Our mission focuses on :

  • Prevention Programmes that equip and support parents / care givers to maintain strong families for children to grow up in.
  • Intervention Programmes that protects the rights of children while ensuring that they are cared for and  developed holistically.
  • Community Programmes that build capacity of rural communities
  • Specialized Care Programmes that build families for orphan and vulnerable children.

We form strategic partnerships to ensure that every child grows up in a family. We are leaders in establishing projects & building families to care for children at risk. 


SA Cares for Life endeavours to be and work within the following set of values :

GOD AS OUR LEADER -We will always give all glory to God!!

  • Teamwork

We love working in teams and appreciate everyone's participation. We value the unique contribution of each member of our team

  • Realness

We strive to be real, without pretence, to live and act in a genuine way.

  • Growth

We have a continual focus to grow and develop as a unit and as individuals

  • Excellence

We strive to do everything with excellence

  • Transparency

To be open and transparent in all our doings

  • Launching

SA Cares loves to support individuals to follow their passion and to launch their own ministries

“Not to us but to God be the Glory”

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