Our Swedish partners had a dream...about Chicken coups transforming the community. This month, this dream became a reality as we built and installed the first chicken coup. 

We received our first hens and rooster for the first family in Mabopane and we had a lot of fun! Thank you to Annelie and Thomas for being our Chicken mother and builder! Thanks again also to the team from Salt Lake City (Europa Flyer) who sponsored us. 

We were so excited as the hens lay their first 2 eggs on their first day in their new home.  Look at the photo page for more photos of the day.

Assembling three cages in one day proved to be no "child's play" But with our Day Project Manager, Fredrik Andersson, it was big fun and we accomplished it successfully!! Look at all the photos and share in our fun and also our feelings at the end of the day, knowing we made a difference for needy children forever!! We started a tradition to name the Rooster of every cage after the family or person, who sponsored the cage and chickens and more information about the names and stories behind every cage will follow in our newsletter. If you want to receive our newsletter please write a short e-mail  The last cage was sponsored by the Andersson family and they chose "Happiness" as the name for the Rooster. Looking at the finished job, we just know that Happiness will have a good life with his 9 hens and many schoolchildren who may come to eat some eggs and to visit them regularly!!



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